Adult Full Length Apron

A lovely apron to wear whilst baking delicious recipes or cooking your favourite family dinner. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Adult Apron
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for ironing

Stag - Full Length Apron


    To keep our fabrics looking their best it recommended to launder as is necessary. Leaving it longer than necessary may cause discolouration of the design and a tendency to wash at a high heat!. We recommend that all fabrics, that can be washed, are separated into light or dark colours and washed at 30-40 degrees (depending on the care instructions - see below).


    For best results, select a non-biological detergent containing no optical whiteners, bleaching agents or enzymes that can cause colours to fade or become patchy and can also damage fabrics. When hand washing, do not place the detergent directly onto the laundry, but ensure liquids are dispersed and powders completely dissolved before immersing the items to be washed.



    Not suitable for tumble drying.



    Some degree of fading of colour will occur naturally over time.



    All fabrics carry care instruction labels showing the universal symbols. Please refer to these labels and always follow the care instructions given.